muncul nigeria limited

Muncul Nigeria Limited established to grab market potential in Nigeria and other African countries which have growing economy with a large consumption rate.

Economic progress in West African countries (ECOWAS) is one of the main reasons why many multinational companies consider African continent as a promising market. This is reinforced by the fact that Nigeria, one of the countries in ECOWAS, is the largest economy in Africa. Seeing this tremendous potential, Sido Muncul established a subsidiary in Nigeria named Muncul Nigeria Limited on January 15, 2018.

Now, Muncul Nigeria Limited has distribution channels in almost all major cities in Nigeria and managed to become the top 3 market leader for energy drink category in powder packaging with KukuBima Ener-G! brand. In the same year, Muncul Nigeria Limited started its expansion into neighboring countries of Nigeria, such as: Benin and Niger.