Quality & Safety

Quality Control is an essential part of Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicines to provide assurance that a product is manufactured to a consistent standard for its intended purpose.

For industries, ensuring a product’s quality is important before it reaches consumers, hence the need for Quality Control.

Sido Muncul’s Quality Control processes starts from inspecting raw materials that will be used in production all the way to inspecting completed products. Our inspections consist of:

  1. Initial Raw Materials Inspection
    This step of the process is to ensure that raw materials that will be used in production has met our specifications for its identity, quality, and safety.
    Our inspections at this step consists of the following:
    • organoleptic testing
    • active ingredient content
    • microbial contamination
    • aflatoxin testing
    • heavy metal contamination
    • non-halal product contamination, i.e. DNA testing for pork products.
    In addition, we also inspect packaging materials for its size, weight, thickness, and design.
  2. In-process Control (IPC) Monitoring
    This step of the process is to ensure that production is carried out according to specified procedures.
    Our in-process control inspections consist of:
    • Organoleptic testing for colour, odour, and taste
    • Tests for acidity, water content, sugar content, viscosity, and disintegration time
    • Testing active ingredient content
    • Inspecting supporting infrastructures, i.e. production site, water, and production equipment
    • At the secondary packaging station, we inspect codification on the inner box, number of sachets in the inner/outer box, and codification on product box.
    • Testing for microbial, aflatoxin, and heavy metal contamination
    Products must meet their specifications at every inspection station before distributed to consumers.
  3. Retained Samples
    We retain samples from each production batch until its expiration date, plus 1 year. The retained samples are periodically analysed for its stability and is used as benchmark in the event of a consumer complaint.
Quality & Safety Process