Responsible Advertising and Marketing


As a leading Herbal Medicine (Jamu) manufacturer in Indonesia, we strive to provide the best of products towards our consumers and all of our stakeholders. Strongly hold Sido Muncul’s 5 Sustainability Pillars, we ensure the best possible outputs from our production and bring benefits towards our social surrounding and environment.

Advertising and Marketing helps us reach millions of people to communicate and inform community about the benefits of our products and innovations. It also helps us to build trust and loyalty from our stakeholders, therefore it is essential for us to clearly set principles and commitment to practice Responsible Advertising and Marketing.

Responsible Marketing and Advertising

This commitment and policy applies globally. It covers all our staff, products, subsidiary, as well as marketing agencies, and influencers.

Our commitment towards responsible marketing and advertising covers all forms of marketing and communication to all audiences globally for example in brand names, packaging and labelling, promotional activities and events, includes media such as television, radio, printed letters, sponsorships, direct marketing, email, texts and others.

We ensure that our marketing and advertising are suitable, appropriate, relevant and comply to the regulations. Diversity as one of our Company Value, is also an aspect that we embrace. We are committed to content positive, inclusive, integrity, diversity and non-discriminatory or offensive to any base on social, racial, ethnic, religious and physical traits.

We understand that some of our products are intended for children, therefore we respect the role of parents and caregivers and we are committed to never involve children on all materials and activities without Adults supervision.

Adherence to Industry Codes or Practices and Regulations

We are committed to implement Responsible Advertising and Marketing in accordance to regulations and best practices. Our core practices in Sido Muncul remain true to these 3 principles:

  1. Objective
    All information is as it is and easy to understand. There will be no misleading and exaggerating information.
  2. Impartial and Complete
    All information must be presented as a whole. There should be no redaction and omission that will alter the information from what it is truly intended for.
  3. Integrity
    All information must be based on fact, it is truthful and accurate in nature. This is done to ensure the trust from all our stakeholders.
Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

Additional requirements will be adjusted from regulations that are improving continuously. We are committed to regularly evaluate this policy for improvements in quality of our Advertising and Marketing communication and our compliance to applicable law and regulations.

We also encourage open communication to all stakeholders. Should you have any reports of any alleged violation or feedback you can reach us at compliance.officer@sidomuncul.co.id.