Sido Muncul Launches RTD Vitamin Product in Response to Public Demand for Vitamins

Press Release

12 May 2023

PT Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk continues product development innovations, launching a new ready-to-drink (“RTD”) Vitamin C1000 + D3 + Zinc in 300ml bottles. This product comes in two flavours: lemon and sweet orange. This beverage helps to increase vitamin C intake and is enhanced with vitamin D3 and zinc to support the immune system and multivitamin intake.

“Vitamin C1000 + D3 + Zinc is produced with selected quality materials which are safe to consume. The product has obtained a distribution permit from the Indonesian Food and Drug Authority (BPOM),” said Sido Muncul Director Irwan Hidayat in the product launching event of Vitamin C1000 + D3 + Zinc and factory visit at Bergas, Kabupaten Semarang on Tuesday, 14 March 2023.

In its early stages of production, Sido Muncul produces up to 5 million bottles of the vitamin drink per month. The production machine was optimised to run 24 hours per day. “We maximised the production capacity of this machine up to 5 million bottles a month. The machine runs 24 hours," said Irwan.

The product’s target market is all groups of people, except children under 1 year old. “For now, we are selling the products for domestic consumption only and currently targeting hotels, restaurants, and cafes only. Of course, it will gradually be sold in minimarkets throughout Indonesia,” Irwan added.

Irwan said that the company's focus on producing RTD beverages shows that Sido Muncul is always thinking ahead. As time goes on, consumers prefer convenient ready-to-drink products. According to him, RTD drinks fit people’s demand for convenience. “Sido Muncul continues to think forward in line with consumer demand,” he said.

Irwan invited the journalists to see first-hand the production process of Vitamin C1000 + D3 + Zinc before inviting them to try the new product.