Modern Herbal Manufacturing Site

The Tolak Angin 2 Factory was constructed in 2016, occupying 17,000 m2 of land and features 28,000 m2 of floor space. The factory has 6 production floors:

1st Floor

dedicated to storing raw materials, final goods, and pre-processing materials.

2nd Floor

dedicated for primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging process, storing packaging materials, and offices.

3rd Floor

dedicated to manufacturing of liquid oral medicine.

4th Floor

dedicated to processing raw materials.

Basement 1

dedicated to supporting production.

Basement 2

dedicated to storing utility equipment.

Tolak Angin Factory 2 adopts the following concepts:

Automation, where computer-aided manufacturing enables us to minimise human errors and human involvement in the production process.

Closed-loop production process, where the inputs, outputs, and other processing are made in a closed-loop feedback system. In addition, all production materials are heated to ensure that they are sterilised.

Modern and accurate measurement equipment, such as load cells, temperature, pressure, volume, and flow sensors are used in each production equipment to enable manufacturing automatization.

Tiered production, where production starts from the top floor and moves to the lower floors. Production efficiency is improved by using gravity to move the goods to the next production stage.

Environmentally friendly as equipment is cleaned using cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilisation-in-place (SIP) methods.

Phase 1 of this factory is capable to manufacture 100 million sachets per month. The next phase will expand its manufacturing capabilities to 200 million sachets per month. The factory's first trial run was completed on 23 April 2018 and came into full operation in late 2018.

Tolak Angin Factory 2 phase I equipment