pt berlico mulia farma

PT Berlico Mulia Farma is a pharmaceutical Company with CPOB certificate acquired by Sido Muncul in 2014 as a business diversification strategy into the pharmaceutical industry which is expected to provide benefits to the community and become a government partner in improving national health.

PT Berlico Mulia Farma (Berlico) was established in 1976 under the name PT Ita Farma and in 1993 changed its name to PT Berlico Mulia Farma. Sido Muncul acquired Berlico on September 1, 2014.

The production activities are carried out on an area of 7,767 sqm equipped with facilities to produce liquid product preparations (syrups and suspensions), solid preparations (tablets, coated tablets, and capsules), and semi-solid preparations (cream). In addition, there are supporting facilities such as research and development laboratories, quality control and supervision laboratories, storage warehouses, and waste treatment facilities.

Currently, Berlico has produced around 90 types of products consisting of medicinal products (OTC and ethical), health supplements, and traditional medicines. The product brands marketed include: Anacetine (cough and flu medicine for children), Berlosid (ulcer medicine), Anabion (multivitamin for children), Suprabion (multivitamin for adults), Inflason (anti-inflammatory drug), Telon Oil Tiga Anak, etc.

Berlico cooperates with National Distributors and Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (PBF) to distribute their products throughout Indonesia.