pt muncul mekar

Currently MM has supervised 104 Sub Representatives and Distributors, 5 Sub Distributors, several branches and Sub Representatives, MM can ensure the availability of Sido Muncul products through its distribution network in provincial cities, districts, and even sub-districts from Sabang to Merauke.

PT Muncul Mekar (“MM”) established in 1986 as distribution company for all Sido Muncul’s products through distribution network across Indonesia.

Led by Jonatha Sofjan Hidajat, At the beginning of its business activities, MM office located in a house at Jalan Mlaten Trenggulun No. 102 Semarang. MM was only supported by a dozen employees and equipped by 3 units of cars for canvaser/out-of-town marketing and 5 units of motorcycles for in town marketing. MM’s distribution area covers the whole regions in the Java Island.

To expand market coverage, MM opened four representative offices in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya to handle marketing in four areas, namely: (a) the Greater Jakarta area, Sumatra, and Pontianak, (b) West Java covering West Java province, (c) Central Java, covering Central Java province, and (d) East Java, covering East Java province, as well as Central and Eastern parts of Indonesia.

Along with the development of distribution system and information technology, MM carried out various organizational reforms, including increasing HR competence through trainings including motivation for salesmen and marketing personnel. By applying information technology, sales and marketing data reporting systems can reach remote cities and sub-districts more easily and quickly. This supports the availability of products in each region and helps faster decision making to support the Company’s growth.

Currently, MM has 104 Sub Representative Offices and Distributors, 5 Sub Distributor, several branches and sub representatives from provincial cities, regencies, and districts from Sabang to Merauke, to handle each region’s progress and customers.