warehouse hangar

Raw Materials Warehouse

Sido Muncul uses two types of raw materials: simplisia (i.e. unprocessed ingredients derived from plants) and non-simplisia (ingredients not derived from plants). We use roots, leaves, branches, flowers, and fruits of more than 250 species of plants to manufacture our products. On the whole, our most used plants are fennel, nutmeg, and screw tree fruit (kayu ulet). In addition to our suppliers, we source raw materials from partner farmers located within and outside of Java. We also use non-plant-based ingredients, such as sugar, honey, creamers, and flavourings, provided by our suppliers.

Each batch of raw materials sent by partner farmers and suppliers are inspected by the Quality Control (QC) team. The inspection is to ensure that the raw materials meet our standards. For example, materials must be clean, contain no trace of harmful pollutants, and contain the appropriate water content.

Raw materials that have passed our standards by the QC team are then stored in our warehouse on a first in, first out basis (FIFO). Our storage process adheres to the Good Manufacturing Practice for Traditional Medicines (CPOTB). Warehouse processes and inspection are carried out regularly to ensure raw materials are always at its best.

Finished Goods Warehouse

The finished goods warehouse is a temporary holding area for products ready for distribution. The warehouse contains finished goods that have passed QC tests. Prior to storage, the products QC team will inspect a product’s type, quantity, and packaging. As with the raw materials warehouse, the finished goods warehouse uses the first in, first out (FIFO) method. Products are stored by their dosage forms. Air temperature and humidity are kept at certain levels to preserve product quality while in storage. Thanks to the excellent coordination between the internal control unit, accounting division, and other teams, the finished goods warehouse plays an important role to ensure that our products are always available in store shelves.

First In First Out (FIFO) inventory management system

Controlled temperature and humidity