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Help relieve colds

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Product Overview

Herbal medicine that help relieve colds.

Why Use

Treating colds with symptoms : fever , body temperature rises, colds, dizziness, dizzy eyes, cold sweat, nausea.

Active Ingredients

Ginger improves the immune system, treat colds, ginger relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract and relieves digestive disorders. As antibiotic agent, Ginger can also act as painkiller reduce pain because gingerol acts as a receptor located at the nerve.

The active content of curcumin can reduce the increase in serum transaminase levels (SGOT and SGPT), so damage to liver cells by toxic substances (hepatotoxic substances) can be avoided. Curcumin also has an effect as a powerful antioxidant to ward off free radicals. In addition, Temulawak also contains antioxidants and immunostimulators / modulators that are beneficial to health.

Asthma medication, stimulates appetite, reduces pain, blood purifier,appetite enhancer, arthritis medication, treats anemia, relieve stomach pain, cure colds.

Rich in antioxidants, reduces inflammation and pain, treat asthma, reduce cholesterol, relieve stomach aches and digestive problems, protect yourself from infections and improve male fertility.

Treat cough, relieve stress, pain medication, and anti-Inflammation

  • 2 times a day @ 1 sachet
  • 1 sachet brewed with ± 100 cc (½ cup) warm water.

10 Sachet Powder

  • Read the instructions
  • If symptom persist, contact a doctors
Product Safety

BPOM Certified, Halal Certified